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Reopening of Nymboida Hydro Electric Power Station

Dear Speaker and Members,

I wish to bring to the attention of the House my extreme concern about the current closure and the uncertain future of the Nymboida Hydro Electric Power Station.

When operating, the Power Station provides substantial renewable electricity to the grid and the resulting outflow of water is vital for the continued operation of the Nymboida Canoe Centre, for the ecological health of the waterways downstream, and for the many landowners who rely on this crucial water supply for their domestic and agricultural needs.

The Canoe Centre facilities and the creeks downstream from the Power Station also provide much-needed local employment, tourism, education and family recreation for the Clarence Valley and beyond. The Canoe Centre is the only one of its kind in Australia, offering a world-class white-water venue for kayak and canoe competition and recreation which attracts clubs, school teams and international competitors. This facility cannot operate without water from the Power Station.

This letter supports a Petition by residents of New South Wales urging the Legislative Assembly to guarantee that the Nymboida Hydro Electric Power Station will reopen in the near future and continue to provide green power as it has done for the previous 89 years.

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  1. AdventurePro Feb 3,2014 3:17 pm

    The Victorian Thomson Canoe / Kayak Trail infrastructure was lost during the last drought. The long campaign to resurrect it has started! We cannot afford to loose more paddling opportunities to keep our young & young at heart fit & healthy!

  2. trevms Feb 5,2014 6:46 pm

    Thanks for the great comment but I think it might be best to keep all the comments on the main petition page only. I have closed comments here and would ask people to leave their comments on the main petition page instead. Thanks for the awesome support

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